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VALUE2 – The House for Responsible Investments has put forth its mission, to make investments managed under the ESG strategy accessible to various types of investors: from institutional, through qualified investors by law, to private investors from the general public.

As the name of the house suggests, the goal at hand is to create squared value for investors within the various investment products we offer: a desire to bear a financial return while creating a positive impact.

VALUE2‘s responsible investment solutions:

  • VALUE2 – The Responsible Investment Fund. For more details
  • QUANTEX: ESG ANALYTIC – ESG Algorithmic Hedge Fund. For more details
  • Harel VALUE2 (4B) ESG Foreign Equity Up To 30% Currency – new mutual fund established on the 21.12.20. For more details

What are responsible investments?

Responsible investments are impact investments, which incorporate, into traditional financial considerations, management and performance of companies in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, thus enabling broader and more accurate risk management and allowing investments to be more tailored to investors’ values without compromising financial returns.
Therefore, it is not surprising that responsible investments have become a leading strategy among the largest financial institutions in the world, and funds invested in sustainable assets today stand at approx $ 100 trillion.

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Our team is comprised of experts in finance and ESG with
an extensive track record and years of experience

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